The Science

What is a biostimulant? Well, that depends on whom you ask.  Biostimulant technology is still emerging, and in the United States and Europe, regulatory bodies are trying to come to a consensus on the best definition. There is agreement that biostimulants are not fertilizers, nor are they pesticides.  They are organic materials that improve the health and growth of plants.  The Biostimulant Coalition in the U.S. has proposed this definition: “A biostimulant is a material that, when applied to a plant, seed, soil or growing media – in conjunction with established fertilization plans, enhances the plant’s nutrient use efficiency, or provides other direct or indirect benefits to plant development or stress response.”



Humic Growth Solutions’ Humi-Grow is a robust line of humic acid soil amendments.  It is an organic liquid biostimulant  derived from Leonardite.  Leonardite is identical to natural humus, which is the building block of natural organic matter in the soil.  Sea kelp, potash and other natural plant hormones are also combined to enhance the physical, chemical and biological activity in the soil. Humic Growth Solutions’ Humi-Grow Bio originated as a treatment for Agronomic Crop applications but is also extremely well suited for Horticultural, Turf, Hydroseeding, and Landscaping use.

The Humic Growth Solutions’ Humi-Grow product line comes to the market economically priced for a solid return on the grower’s investment. It also improves production efficiency for the grower by reducing labor input cost that is needed to achieve higher crop yields.

Remember, Better Soil = Better Plant Performance



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