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MAXGreen Home & Garden Soap

A little goes a LONG way.  Each pint-sized container of concentrate makes up to 32 gallons, which can improve the performance and health of all your plants in your home, garden & yard up to 2 acres. 

As a natural cleaner, it will go a LONG way in your home & outside plus your garage, workshop and many other places.

Pint-sized only $20 ($27 Value)

Let us explain the many ways that MAXGreen Crop Enhancer will change your approach to growing healthy and abundant crops,
and save you money in the process! 

Call us at (804) 633-4976 or (804) 994-8166 for more information on pricing and special discounts.

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We offer a 2.5-gallon Jug of MAXGreen Crop Enhancer, enough to cover up to 40 acres.


Gro-Mor Plant Food, Humic Growth Solutions’ Humi-Grow and ABC Organics offer customized products to all of our customers to ensure the best possible formula for your crops and soil type. Please call us for pricing and special volume discounts that are available.

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