The History

The Gro-Mor Plant Food Company was established in 1983 to manufacture and market high-quality liquid plant food for use in modern production agriculture.  Since that time, we have grown into a business which provides tens of thousands of gallons of starter fertilizer and foliar feeding fertilizer to customers throughout the United States.

gromorplantThese products manufactured at our Leola, PA plant, include “true solution” analysis such as 9-18-9, 18-3-3, 7-21-7 and 5-15-15. All of these products are clear, colorless, true solution fertilizers, which deliver high quality plant food nutrients directly to young, developing roots and leaves.

We at Gro-Mor believe that by using the proper high quality raw materials in a monitored production process we can produce a special product, which results in a high percentage of readily available nutrients that the plant can immediately use for absorption, feeding, and growth. Our nitrogen sources include granular urea, and ammonium hydroxide. Our phosphorus source is phosphoric acid which is a very highly concentrated form of ortho-phosphate molecules.Yes, that’s right!! The same kind that plant roots take in! Potassium comes from potassium hydroxide; a clear, colorless liquid which has a high concentration of recoverable potassium molecules.

Our Products (with and without micronutrients)

Our Products (with and without micronutrients)

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