The Benefits

plant-rootsFaster Nutrient Delivery

All of our products are clear, colorless, true solution fertilizers, which deliver high-quality plant food nutrients directly to young, developing roots and leaves.

Nutrient Managementeco-2

Through the use of soil and plant testing and the results of hundreds of farmer test plots we are continually working to recommend the rate and type of fertilizer that your crops really need. This helps to reduce any threat of nutrient loss to the environment and maximizes your return on investment in fertilizer plant food materials.

testingCustom Soil Nutrient Recommendations

Our recommendations for your farm are based on A&L Labs soil testing and plant analysis testing (when requested) so you are only paying for the nutrients your crops need!

Enhances Fruit and Vegetable Crops

Your fruit and vegetable crops need optimal nutrition, in the right form, at the right time, to produce maximum yields of high quality produce.  Gro-Mor Liquid Plant Food can do that for you.

wheatMicronutrient Boost

Our high quality micronutrients can be added to the starter or foliar fertilizer to deliver “prescription” blends when needed.

transplantTransplant Solutions

Using a mild, diluted mix of Gro-Mor Liquid Plant Food in with your transplant water can help get transplants off to a quick start in cool Spring soils.


Because Gro-Mor Liquid Plant Food products have a PH of 7 or higher, they can often be placed right with the seed at safe rates that depend on your conditions and soil types, etc. And remember, our products are non-corrosive!

more-rootsBalanced Root-Zone Environment

Thicker and larger root development that will better utilize more nutrients and more available moisture.  Seedlings start off fast on their way to healthy stands.

ingredientsHigh Quality Ingredients

Gro-Mor uses high quality raw materials that produce a unique liquid plant food with a high percentage of readily available nutrients. This allows the plant to immediately use it for absorption, feeding and growth.

wheatFoliar Boost

When used as a foliar application, experience indicates that Gro-Mor Liquid Plant Food can add an extra boost to crop production by feeding the nutrients plants need at key times during the growing cycle. Pastures also benefit from this practice, after each grazing or each cutting of hay.

roundupRoundup Ready Crops

Many farmers have found that they can combine 3-4 gal/ac of 5-15-15 with Roundup and water when applying the herbicide spray to Roundup Ready crops. This helps to boost the health of the soybeans or corn, and may add to the weed killing power of the Roundup.

byproductNo Industrial By-Products

Gro-Mor Liquid Plant Food does not use industrial by-products in manufacturing fertilizer, unless they have been proven by laboratory testing to be of absolute high purity and extremely low metal content.

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