Random Plot Tests

CROP: Soybeans

PRODUCT: MAXGreen Crop Enhancer


Beads form when nutrient mix is sprayed alone.


Smooth film of nutrient solution coast leaf with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer added.

MAXGreen Crop Enhancer’s helps mobilize foliar-applied micronutrients.

Farmers who raise glyphosate tolerant corn and soybeans often foliar-feed manganese, boron, zinc and other elements to assure adequate levels in plant tissue.Crop consultants report that corn and soybeans frequently have inadequate trace elements. One reason: Glyphosate ties up, or chelates, these metals.

Curing this deficiency has been difficult. Crops are slow to absorb foliar-fed compounds containing trace metals. The “missing link,” says surfactant scientist Jerry Pritchard, is to find a way to carry nutrients into crop leaves and transport them through the plant’s system.

Pritchard says, “Finally, we have that missing link, which I’ve tried since 1973 to develop — MAXGreen Crop Enhancer. It’s the most effective surfactant and transporter I’ve ever found.”

Pritchard’s scientific career has focused on formulating surfactants and emulsifiers. He originated many adjuvants used in crop protection chemicals worldwide. He currently operates his new research center, Blackhawk Laboratories, in Coila, MS.

Evidence of MAXGreen Crop Enhancer’s effectiveness:

Each trace element analysis shown in this chart is the average of seven randomized plots. Seven were backpacksprayed Aug. 3, 2010 with a mix of trace elements (graph). Rate: Two pints per acre.

Seven other sites in the same test field were sprayed with the trace mix tank-mixed with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer at 1 part MAXGreen Crop Enhancer to 256 parts of spray solution. The beans were at R6, developing new pods.

The test was conducted on beans with glyphosate-tolerant genetics. The crop had been treated with glyphosate early in the season. Seven unsprayed control blocks were randomly distributed through the experimental field. Plot design was supervised by Dr. Bertel Schou, owner of ACRES, a research firm serving worldwide clients for more than 20 years.

After two weeks to allow for nutrient translocation into soybean pods, 30 or more pods were pulled from each of the 21 plots and analyzed by Midwest Laboratories of Omaha, NE. Very little of the spray had reached the pods, which were under a full leaf canopy.

The trace mix alone showed a 22% gain in pod levels of manganese, a 12% gain in boron and a 71% gain in zinc.

Tank-mixed with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer, the absorption and translocation of traces showed substantially higher levels of all trace elements in pods, compared to the trace mix sprayed alone.

The greatest gain in pod analysis was a 190% increase in manganese, to 151 parts per million. Zinc analysis rose 134%, to 136 parts per million.

We also see a rise in effectiveness of other fertilizers — and herbicides — when tank-mixed with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer.

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