Winston-Salem, North Carolina

CROP: Small Grains

PRODUCT: MAXGreen Crop Enhancer


A group of North Carolina farmers sprayed their winter wheat with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer for the first time during the Spring of 2008. At harvest time, they could hardly believe the results.

One of those farmers, while talking to a neighbor as he held a head of wheat, said, “This ain’t normal. I mean, we’re not used to seeing wheat with a 5-inch head on it. It’s amazing.  Here in the Piedmont of North Carolina, close to Winston-Salem, we’ve seen a lot of wheat before, but we had never seen it before with this much of a head on it.  There are some that are a little shorter, but most of them are a whole lot longer than normal. See how the heads are opened up here where they’re standing open? The grain’s big is what’s causing that head to stand open like that. They’re all like that, and they’ve got four runs of grain on each head. I mean, there ain’t just one head that way, they’re all with four rows,” compared with the normal three rows. He said, “I’ve been farming all my life, and this is about as pretty a wheat crop as I’ve ever seen.”

Those farmers who normally got 50 to 60 bushel per acre wheat yields were getting more than 90 bushel yields on wheat sprayed with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer. Some were getting 100 bushel yields.

Wheat3In addition, the test weight of wheat that had been sprayed with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer was substantially higher than normal. Bud, the North Carolina farmer standing in the middle, told Mr. Hesser (on the left) “It’s the best wheat crop I’ve ever had. I’ve cut about 60 acres so far. I’m doing atleast 90 bushels per acre average, with some going over 100. Occasionally the monitor goes up to 150 to 160. I’ve never seen wheat make 100 bushels per acre before. In addition, test weights are running 63 and 64 pounds. Last year it was 58. I have had it 61 or 62 on a few occasions in the past, but never 64 before.”

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