North Carolina Wheat

CROP: Small Grains

PRODUCT: MAXGreen Crop Enhancer

This impressive wheat field in Yadkin County, and others like it across North Carolina, convinced hundreds of producers in 2008 that MAXGreen Crop Enhancer has a beneficial effect on crop health and yields by building massive roots and vigorous nutrient circulation. North Carolina producers found that with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer, they could raise 90-to 100-bu. wheat where they had never seen 70 bu. before.

One farmer reported in 2008: “We’re having the best yields we’ve ever had. It’s beautiful grain. Yields are 90-plus bushels; test weights 63 to 64 pounds. It was not overdone with fertilizer; just cow manure and a little nitrogen. We applied one spray of MAXGreen Crop Enhancer with top-dressed liquid nitrogen.” Another said:  “We’re not use to seeing wheat like this — with a 5-inch head and four rows of grain in most of the heads. Wheat straw yield was double what we’re use to.”

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