Brevard County, Florida Okra

CROP: Fruits & Vegetables

PRODUCT: MAXGreen Crop Enhancer


The Okra plant on the right wasn’t the biggest one on the treated part of the field — it was just one small enough to get out of the ground.” We couldn’t resist closing this report by showing a photo and results from the staff at the Brevard County, Florida Sheriff’s Farm at Rockledge. Their 7-acre farm grows food crops for the prison and food banks. When they sprayed our product weekly, Okra grew 8 feet tall. The staff could hardly keep up with picking. They harvested more than 800 lbs. of Okra in the 2008 season. “Insects are somehow not interested in the plants at all,” says the staff. “We think it is because of the increased overall health of the plants due to MAXGreen Crop Enhancer.” We include this photo because it shows a primary plant response — greatly enhanced rooting, so the plant can take up more moisture and nutrients.

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