Teton County, Montana

CROP: Forage

PRODUCT: MAXGreen Crop Enhancer




A producer in Teton County, MT raised the Relative Feed Value of his first-cutting alfalfa from 102 to 153 — Prime grade! He sprayed 9 ounces per acre of MAXGreen Crop Enhancer May 20, 2009, when alfalfa eached 4 inches. Total Digestible Nutrients rose to 65.8%. Crude Protein almost doubled over the untreated control, to 22.5% (dry matter basis) compared with 12.1% for untreated alfalfa. Baled hay yield from the treated 60-acre half of the 120-acre pivot-irrigated field rose by 1,480 lbs. per acre above the untreated 60 acres.

Other ranchers and farmers have found that when they can achieve maximum nutrient flow, deep rooting and optimum health in alfalfa, they see solid stems (photo above) and consistently higher yields with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer .

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