Northwestern North Carolina

CROP: Corn

PRODUCT: MAXGreen Crop Enhancer



200-bu. corn in a dry year: 2008. The ears of corn above were raised in a bottomland field of northwestern North Carolina. Across the field, the combine yield monitor registered 200 to 225 bushels. The owner, B.M., says, “Our upland ground would have yielded the same if we’d just had some more rain.” He applied 8 oz. of MAXGreen Crop Enhancer soon after emergence. The front ear above has 16 rows with 46 deep kernels per row. Dried to 14%, the ear weighs 13.4 ounces. Average corn test weight from the field was 60 lbs. per bushel.

Note that kernels in about a third of the ear — between the red lines above — are not dented. It’s normal to see round kernels in the very tip and base of an ear of “dent” corn — but it’s unusual to see rounded kernels extend a third of the way down from the tip. Some corn fertility experts observe that this is a sign of very complete nutrition for the corn plant all the way through ear fill.

In the ear below, broken at the center, note the very deep and uniform kernels. The ear at right had 18 rows of kernels, with 48 to 50 kernels per row.


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