The Science

Nanotechnology is one of the most promising realms of modern science. A “nano-colloid” of MAXGreen Crop Enhancer is 1 billionth of a meter. If you apply five ounces of MAXGreen Crop Enhancer per acre, each square inch of a plant’s leaf is coated with more than 20 trillion MAXGreen colloids. The tiny size of MAXGreen Crop Enhancer colloids makes them effective in carrying other blended products into plant leaves and transporting natural nutrients through the plant’s circulation system.

These small-sized particles change how the product is able to work from our normal chemical/physical perspective, or understanding.  We have to learn and understand how particles of this small Nanoscale size produce such amazing results.  Below 50 nanometers, the normal realm of laws pertaining to physics and chemistry no longer apply, as quantum physics kicks in and materials take on surprising new properties.  Something that was red may now appear to be green; metals may become translucent and thus invisible; something that could not conduct electricity may now pass a current; nonmagnetic materials may become magnetized; insoluble substances may dissolve.

MAXGreen Crop Enhancer colloids are roughly the size of a water atom. They are “non-ionic,” meaning they are very close to a neutral charge. Within a plant, they bond lightly with the positive hydrogen atoms in water (H2O), reducing water’s natural “stickiness” or surface tension.

In effect, MAXGreen Crop Enhancer colloids act as a lubricant to keep water flowing with little resistance. Thus, nutrient solutions within the crop’s xylem and phloem tubules flow readily, with lower osmotic pressure. In turn, this promotes high-efficiency translocation of sugars, minerals and other nutrients.

Crop leaves absorb MAXGreen Crop Enhancer and tank-mixed materials in 10 to 20 minutes. The soybean field above in Iowa was sprayed during a heavy dew to show how fast the nano-colloids of MAXGreen mixed with water are taken into leaves. MAXGreen Crop Enhancer is “rain-safe” in just a few minutes. The soybean leaf at left was photographed a minute after spraying with a 1:256 dilution of MAXGreen Crop Enhancer and water in a humid greenhouse. Note that even on a fuzzy soybean leaf, the solution disperses evenly on the leaf surface. Twelve minutes later (same leaf at right), most of the water/MAXGreen Crop Enhancer solution has been absorbed directly through the leaf cuticle. The surfactant in MAXGreen Crop Enhancer also softens the waxy outer cuticle of leaves.

MAXGreen Crop Enhancer is not a fertilizer or plant growth regulator. We call it a nano-surfactant: It helps crops translocate nutrients and water more efficiently. This is why we see higher yields and quality, especially under stress conditions like dry weather.

x-sectionWhen MAXGreen Crop Enhancer is applied to leaves early in a plant’s growth stage, V2 or even earlier, enhanced production and translocation of leaf sugars to the root generates more exudates from roots. Soil microbes and mycorrhizae respond to this stimulus by converting more soil nutrients into plant-available form. The resulting larger roots help crops keep growing through dry periods.

We’re also seeing data that shows in-furrow or seed treatment is effective in stimulating root development during pre-emergence, before leaves begin making sugars. Sodium, which makes up a significant part of MAXGreen Crop Enhancer, increases electrical conductivity in nutrient solutions circulating in the crop’s xylem and phloem system. The net result of enhanced nutrient transfer is more fuel, energy and conductivity to boost sugar-making efficiency of leaf photosynthesis.

Higher nutrient levels in plant cells also boost your crop’s “systemic acquired resistance.” A healthy, vigorous crop has a greater natural ability to defend itself against attacks by molds and microbes. Many organic growers maintain that when a growing crop shows leaf sugar tests of 12 brix or above (an index of dissolved sugars and other solids), plant disease pressure is greatly reduced.

In high-organic, high-fertility soils and perfect growing seasons, the yield increase with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer may be moderate because large roots aren’t critical under ideal conditions. But other benefits such as crop quality and resistance to lodging also help pay for application. In stressful seasons or difficult soils, growers report greater plant health and substantial yield benefits by applying MAXGreen Crop Enhancer early.


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