The Research

The overall effects of using MAXGreen Crop Enhancer, being that growers achieve benefits by producing healthier more nutritious food for humans and animals, with a greater yield increase, in some cases as high as 33% yield increase with less growing problems.

A primary crop response to MAXGreen Crop Enhancer seen is larger roots with more feeder roots.  Bigger, deeper roots provide more water-extracting capacity to keep crops growing in dry weather.  MAXGreen Crop Enhancer‘s nano-sized colloids — less than a billionth of a meter — help crop leaves absorb morning dew through the outer waxy cuticle.  MAXGreen Crop Enhancer also provides surfactant and nutrient transport benefits in the plant’s vascular system.  It reduces surface tension of water and root exudates stimulate growth of beneficial soil bacteria and mycorrhizae.  These microbes convert more nutrients to soluble form, which build higher brix levels.  This is nano-biotechnology.

We are busy loading more than 10 years of research into the website.  Please check back soon for crop-specific studies and results.

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