The History

Nearly a decade ago, it was discovered that plants sprayed with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer appear to grow more swiftly, be healthier and bear larger crops.  The only explanation that immediately came to mind was that this could only be attributed to an increase in the level of photosynthesis within the leaves. In June and August 2005, a series of tests were conducted to determine the validity of this hypothesis. The question was whether this was from an increase in the sugar level as a result of being sprayed by MAXGreen Crop Enhancer.

wheatThe first tests were conducted in Zambia/South Africa. Several segregated plots of wheat were sprayed with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer, with an adjacent plot being used as a control. Leaves were then crushed and the resulting fluid subjected to a test reading by a Brix meter to determine if there were any differences in the level of sugar content between the test plots. The reading showed an original count of five, increasing to nine over a four to five day period, for a gain of 80%, which the planters and their crop managers considered “extraordinary.”

Two months later, another series of tests were undertaken, this time in Australia. The crop was macadamia nuts. This test was more comprehensive and spread out over a longer period of time. The crops were in different, but adjacent fields. Spraying took place over a four week period. One control called for spraying to cease after the first application, to determine what happened to the sugar content under these conditions. Additionally, a control was done on a direct comparison between MAXGreen Crop Enhancer and two standard fertilizing treatments involving urea and humic acid, which were substantially exceeded.

veggies3These tests, which were more comprehensive, revealed the sugar content of the leaves increased by a factor of slightly more than 50%, within seven days of spraying, compared with neighboring plants that were not sprayed. What was even more interesting was that so long as the plants were sprayed at 7 or 10 day cycles, the sugar content remained at an increased constant 50%+ level. Once spraying was discontinued, the sugar level returned to normal after about four to five weeks, indicating a direct correlation between the use and non-use of the spray.

In addition to being healthier, stronger and more disease resistant, the crop can be expected to be larger and very often the size of the individual fruit, nut, flower, etc. will be significantly greater. The healthier plants also appear to be less prone to fungal or bacterial disease and to be much more pest resistant. This appears to confirm field reports we have received in recent years from a number of growers who have reported significantly larger crops and fruit size than in prior years.

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