The Benefits

Soyfield-comboOne spray of MAXGreen Crop Enhancer caused the difference in growth, vigor and yield of these two adjacent soybean fields. The field on the right was treated with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer. Photos were taken on the same day.

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MAXGreen Crop Enhancer replaces all the other products that you’re currently using such as Stickers, Surfactants and Carriers so there isn’t any additional production costs.   DID YOU KNOW that if you are not using any of those other products, when you gain two extra bushels of wheat or corn per acre — or only one bushel of soybeans per acre — you have paid for MAXGreen Crop Enhancer  ?   PLUS you get all of the other benefits too !

Higher Yields

In our research spanning nearly a decade, there has been significant increases in yields for major crops treated with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer. Soybeans, corn, cotton, tobacco, wheat and other small grains, forage, fruits, vegetables and legumes are among the crops that had a positive return in revenue.


Higher Crop Quality

By using MAXGreen Crop Enhancer, healthier crops produce higher test-weight grain and mature earlier with higher levels of protein. Fruit and vegetable typically have higher sugars for more consumer taste appeal and storage life.


Drought Protection

Bigger, deeper roots provide more water-extracting capacity to keep crops growing in dry weather. As a surfactant, MAXGreen Crop Enhancer helps crop leaves absorb morning dew through the outer waxy cuticle as a source of moisture, too. In seasons with dry-weather weather stress, farmers have reported that corn and soybeans treated with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer yield 10 to 20 bu. more than adjoining control fields. Even during the cool and wet 2009 Midwest season, random-replicated field trials also showed average yield benefits for soybeans and for corn.


Lodging and Wind Damage Resistance

MAXGreen Crop Enhancer helps plants grow deeper roots and thicker stalks that resist lodging during summer storms and late-season bad weather, as well as breakage from heavy winds.


Herbicide Efficiency

MAXGreen Crop Enhancer‘s nano-sized colloids also help to transport herbicides into leaves — and throughout weeds — for more complete kill of weeds. Farmers also tell us soybeans and corn rebound faster after the temporary stress of Roundup (glyphosate) application.


Improve Burn-down Results

Previous plantings that aren’t controlled prior to new planting can become competition for the new crop by robbing moisture and nutrients from the soil. MAXGreen Crop Enhancer can help by transporting the herbicide more effectively through the plant’s system for better burn-down results.


Improve Sprayer Performance

MAXGreen Crop Enhancer helps your sprayer stay cleaner with less clogging and less residue build-up. It keeps just about anything clean — use on equipment, in your home, and in your workshop!


Deeper Roots

MAXGreen Crop Enhancer is a surfactant which improves moisture absorption for uniform germination, seedling emergence and deeper rooting. Deep roots are critical when growing conditions are less than ideal, such as low-fertility or low-organic soils, or poor weather.


Higher Brix Levels

With MAXGreen Crop Enhancer, we often find 8-10% higher average concentrations of sugar in fruit, vegetables and immature seeds, such as corn kernels in milk stage. Brix reading in treated soybean and corn leaves were also higher on average (healthy leaves quickly move sugars built by photosynthesis into roots or seed).


Frost Resistance

Because MAXGreen Crop Enhancer promotes higher brix levels, it can help your crop protect itself from unexpected frosts. More sugar in the plant means a lower freezing point, and less frost damage.


NPK and Micronutrient Efficiency

Faster nutrient transport within crops helps raise yield per unit of fertilizer — and MAXGreen Crop Enhancer can be applied via soil placement or foliar application!


Additional Pesticide Efficiency

MAXGreen Crop Enhancer is an efficient and effective adjuvant to be added to Fungicide and Insecticide applications.


Biodegradable & Safe

For the planet, people and animals! The proprietary formulation is made entirely from FDA-approved ingredients found in their EAFUS list of “Everything Used in Food in the United States.” MAXGreen Crop Enhancer is also biodegradable because it is a natural blend of plant ingredients. Basically, plants helping plants!

Higher Quality Forage

When MAXGreen Crop Enhancer is applied to forage crops, they respond with higher crude protein levels, higher total digestible nutrients (TDN), increased Relative Food Value (RFV) and yields more tonnage.

With each passing year, we are still finding new benefits and uses of MAXGreen Crop Enhancer.

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