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  • Soil treated with GrowPro shows reduced salinity, sodium, chloride and aluminum.
  • The salinity has been reduced from 12.08 millimho/cm to 6.03 millimho/cm. Soluble chloride reduced from 4,815 PPM in the saturation extract to 1,302 parts per million in the saturation extract. SAR (sodium adsorption ratio) reduced from 21.7 to 8.4. Exchangeable sodium has been reduced from 10% to 9%.
  • Plant available aluminum has reduced from 174 to 121 parts per million.
  • The pH of the Control (Untreated) is 4.29. Aluminum is high. The pH of the GrowPro – Treated is 4.25. Aluminum was significantly reduced.
  • The organic matter is high at 9.67% on a dry weight basis for the Control (Untreated) and is 10.55% on a dry weight basis for the GrowPro – Treated. The carbon/nitrogen ratio is 15.3 for the Control and is 16.0 for the GrowPro – Treated.
  • Calcium and magnesium achieved a 1.6 -1 ratio in soluble extract despite 1-1 soil concentrations. Calcium and magnesium remained equivalent 1-1 ratios in soluble extract for control.
  • Total sodium has been reduced from 2,480 parts per million to 981 parts per million.


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