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Deering, North Dakota


Near Deering, North Dakota, canola treated with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer in 2009 yielded 200 lbs. more per acre than the untreated control.…

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Yadkin County, North Carolina

A North Carolina farmer, standing in one of his oats fields, said, “I’ve been growing oats about all my life and I’ve never had them get this tall and this big and look this good and not fall down. They’re …

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Winston-Salem, North Carolina


A group of North Carolina farmers sprayed their winter wheat with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer for the first time during the Spring of 2008. At harvest time, they could hardly believe the results.

One of those farmers, while talking to …

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Rice Test Fields in Asia



Field trials in the Philippines and Vietnam show MAXGreen Crop Enhancer increased rice yields as much as 45%. This is a Vietnamese research field. Rice on this side of the red line was sprayed with MAXGreen Crop

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Montana Winter Wheat


We treated winter wheat in Montana in the Fall of 2008 with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer instead of in the Spring, and look at this root mass — the treated plants are 4 times larger!  This is all part of …

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Kinston, North Carolina

WHEAT:  Worst to First..


UNTREATED — And this was the farmer’s best field!


TREATED — Significant increase in root mass in the the worst field!

A Kinston, NC Farmer had a bad field, way behind his other fields.  He contacted …

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Northeastern Montana Lentils


In northeastern Montana — an extreme drought area in summer 2009 — a producer treated 1,200 acres of lentils with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer and left 4,200 acres of comparable adjoining land untreated. Average yield on untreated fields: 5.5 bu. …

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Carolina Barley


Barley growers in the Carolinas who applied MAXGreen Crop Enhancer in 2009 reported yields 30% to 50% higher than they can recall growing in any previous year. Although late rains delayed harvest, this field yielded close to 100 bushels.…

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Black Hawk Oats

OatsIn a Black Hawk County, Iowa field trial with nine replications and precise weigh-wagon measurement, oats sprayed with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer yielded 7.3% more than untreated control oats. Test weight of treated oats was 2 pounds per bushel higher …

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Montgomery County, Iowa


Spring wheat was sprayed with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer in Montgomery County, Iowa field at 2 to 3 inch height. Wheat heads were then picked at random in June 2009 where they found the treated wheat to have larger heads …

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