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Fort Mill, South Carolina

After applying MAXGreen Crop Enhancer plus NuTran, this South Carolina grower noticed a significant improvement in not only the quality and beauty of the fruit, but also in the yield. His …

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Summer Squash


Summer squash usually has a brief life before heat and damping-off wilts them down. We’ve seen MAXGreen Crop Enhancer-treated yellow squash vines grow bigger, and stay productive longer.…

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Iowa Carrots


Using MAXGreen Crop Enhancer in commercial carrot production is just as practical as using it in your home garden. It’s non-toxic to field workers, environmentally safe and very efficient by increasing the quantity and quality of a crop. An …

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Iowa Squash


What’s so special about this butternut squash raised with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer? It was harvested in Iowa in October 2009, and it was still firm and fresh five months later when this photo was taken. It was simply …

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Brevard County, Florida Okra


The Okra plant on the right wasn’t the biggest one on the treated part of the field — it was just one small enough to get out of the ground.” We couldn’t resist closing this report by showing …

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Florida Okra


Okra responds to MAXGreen Crop Enhancer in big way.  On this Brevard County farm, the plants treated with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer would come up to the shoulders of a 6-foot man!…

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North Carolina String Beans

beansA rural legend is emerging about string beans sprayed with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer. The joke is that gardeners finally pray for frost, because they’re weary of picking, eating, freezing and giving away pole beans and bush beans. In …

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Black Hawk County, Iowa



Raspberries were still blooming and growing in abundance on two 100-foot rows in Black Hawk County, Iowa, after four weekly sprays of MAXGreen Crop Enhancer at 1:250 dilution. In early July, leaves were being devoured by Japanese beetles. …

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North Carolina

NC-strawStrawberries and MAXGreen Crop Enhancer offer a special opportunity. A North Carolina crop consultant has developed MAXGreen Crop Enhancer plus nutrient foliars that stimulate bearing two weeks early and extend it two weeks later. For one grower in …

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