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Bowling Green, VA Corn

IMG_0439 IMG_0441

This incredibly healthy field of corn in Central Virginia was treated with all three of our products — MAXGreen Crop Enhancer, GRO-MOR Liquid Fertilizer and Plant’s Choice Humi-Grow.  Picture taken Spring, 2014.…

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Belle Glade, Florida



Sweetcorn treated with MAXGreen Crop Enhancer near Belle Glade, Florida had larger roots and sugar levels of 18 brix, about 23% higher than untreated sweetcorn. This sweetcorn was treated in-furrow at planting and sprayed twice. Growers there are …

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Treated Corn

Humi-Grow Bio on Corn Roots (2)

By increasing the efficiency of available nutrients such as phosphorous, Plant’s Choice Humi-Grow works wonders for root development. It also reduces soil compaction, which helps those roots to grow as well.…

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Northwestern North Carolina



200-bu. corn in a dry year: 2008. The ears of corn above were raised in a bottomland field of northwestern North Carolina. Across the field, the combine yield monitor registered 200 to 225 bushels. The owner, B.M., says, …

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Mid Atlantic Corn

Corn Along Road

When your corn towers over a stop sign, you know you’ve got a healthy and bountiful field!…

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Corn Root Experiment


You can get a close-up of root growth in a “terrarium” like this, which we built in late spring 2009. Two soil-filled growth chambers each about a foot wide, three feet deep and six feet long, have glass sides. During …

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