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GrowPro Soil Salinity Results

Defense against excess soil salinity; GrowPro – a water born liquid organic sequestration agent. Results found in Raspberries located in Oxnard California, Strawberries in Ventura California and Cotton results from North Carolina.

Excessive soil salinity can cause several severe problems for crop production as it can destroy soil structure. Salinity is a measure of the total amount of soluble salts in soil. As soluble salt levels increase it becomes more difficult for plants to extract water from soil. The source of soil salinity problems are often the irrigation water. There are a number of ionic chemical species that can become disruptive or toxic to soil and plant processes in high concentrations. Excessive salts can also cause sodium (Na) or chloride (Cl) to accumulate in plant tissues, in addition to decreased availability of potassium (K) and magnesium (Mg). Typical response by plants involves the interruption of nutrient and water uptake. The ion species can include: Ca, Na, Mg, B, Cl, Co, Cu, Se and other excessive ion concentrations. The soil may contain adequate water, but plant roots are unable to absorb the water due to unfavorable osmotic pressure. This is referred to as the osmotic or water-deficit effect of salinity. Other plant symptoms of a salinity problem include plant leaves that are bluish-green and darker than normal, necrosis, stunted growth, stems with short internodes, and chlorosis.

GrowPro uses a proprietary blend of animal, plant, and mineral extracts to develop a sequestration lattice that retains the excess salt from the active soil solution

Potential Seedling Mortality at Planting Caused by Soluble Salts

Electrical conductivity determines maximum yields which can be achieved for any crop. GrowPro is an effective tool for managing excess salinity and ensuring vigorous growth and bountiful harvests. GrowPro is used at the rates of 16 oz per acre and can be applied though drip irrigation, mixed with starter fertilizers or foliared on later in the season.

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