The Benefits

Improves Stress Tolerance

Humic Growth Solutions’ Humi-Grow increases moisture retention in the soil, reducing transplant shock and improving stress tolerance during planting and growing stages. A healthier plant can better withstand whatever nature throws its way — heat, frost, drought and damaging storms.

bagImproves Fertilizer Effectiveness

Delivers strong CEC capabilities, reduces NPK inputs, increases the efficiency of available nutrients and improves phosphorous uptake in root systems for enhanced fertilizer effectiveness.  At the same time, reduces and prevents toxic salinity build-up in the soil.

seedEnhances Seed/Establishment

Humic Growth Solutions’ Humi-Grow strengthens and stimulates seed germination.  It also promotes improved root growth and vegetative top growth to help crops grow faster and stronger.


Humic Growth Solutions’ Humi-Grow is not PH dependent, so it is compatible with other products such as fertilizers and/or pesticides for ease of application.

Enhances Chelating Plant Nutrients

Chelates play important roles in oxygen transport and in photosynthesis, and Humic Growth Solutions’ Humi-Grow set the stage for them to do their jobs.

bacteriaStimulates Soil Microbe Proliferation

Humi-Grow promotes the right soil conditions for microbes to thrive, and be more effective in amending the soil and breaking down contaminants that can adversely affect your crops.

biomassStimulates Plant & Root BioMass

A well-balanced plant-to-root ratio not only improves the plant’s natural processes while growing, it makes for a much sturdier plant. Contains natural cytokinins found in kelp, which stimulates cell division to enhance plant growth and higher yields.

soilSoil Conditioner

Improves the physical nature of the soil and increases organic matter when it is needed.

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