A Performance and Health enhancer for all plants and crops. As a natural surfactant, adjuvant and wetting agent, MAXGreen Crop Enhancer uses nano-sized molecules to move into the plant’s vascular system. Once inside, it promotes high-efficiency translocation of nutrients between roots and leaves during photosynthesis. Trials repeatedly show that MAXGreen Crop Enhancer enables crops to increase their sugar (brix) levels and grow deeper, thicker roots, thus improving yields, test weights and quality. Eco-friendly, biodegradable, plant-based formula safe for people & animals.

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For more than two decades, ABC Organics has developed and field tested a system of organic products aimed at regenerating life, fertility and biodiversity balance in symbiosis with crops & environment. For vigorous plant development and soil conditioning, Grow Pro reduces salinity in active root zones allowing for maximum potential yield.
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GRO-MOR is a leader in the liquid fertilizer business by setting high-quality standards for its products. Whether it’s applied as a soil placement or as a foliar, GRO-MOR Liquid Fertilizer nutrients are clear, colorless and in a “true solution” form that is readily available for the plant and its roots. This is essential for a fast start and continued growth-to-harvest
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Humic Growth Solutions specializes in wet chemistry extraction of humic and fulvic acids through activated bio-stimulants. Humic Growth Solutions’ Humi-Grow enhances seed/transplant establishment, improves stress tolerance, stimulates proliferation of soil microbes, stimulates plant and root biomass and enhances chelating of plant nutrients.

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Powerful products on their own.  Imagine what they can do together.

100% Plant-based Formula – no animal ingredients!

Our Home & Garden Soap contains fatty acids derived solely from plants, which helps to protect your plants.

We call it “Plants helping Plants.”


Spray MAXGreen Home & Garden Soap to improve the health and performance of your plants. Its nano-sized molecules are absorbed into the plant to enhance the flow of nutrients between roots and leaves during photosynthesis.

  • Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs
  • Flowers & Lawn
  • House Plants
  • Trees & Shrubs
  • Seedlings & Young Plants

Our plant-based, nano-biotechnology formula is safe, chemical-free and

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MAXGreen Home & Garden Soap penetrates dirt and oil on just about any surface. It’s an all-natural, biodegradable cleanser with no soapy residue after rinsing with water.

  • Fruit & Vegetable Wash
  • Dishes & Glassware
  • Greasy Pots & Pans
  • Floors & Carpets
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Oily Auto Parts
  • Laundry Pretreatment
  • Removes odors, too!

Great for washing dogs, horses and other pets. A safe and gentle body rinse for your entire family.

Mixed with water, one quart-sized container makes up to 64 gallons or up to 4 acres!